Scifi ClanPlugin with buildable base (based on EnergyPoint)
Plugin idea: The plugin offers a clan-base builder game mode for clan-pvp servers. This is not a minigame, it is a server-based plugin on which the entire server can be based. The essence of the plugin would be to build buildings with the command-created clan to build the clan base. The basis of these buildings is Reactor, after which it generates EP (energy point) and continuously maintains it. The EP point number does not increase after the construction of the reactor, but stagnates. That is, after construction of Reactor, 400EP is always there. Every building uses EP. If someone builds on a turret that uses 50 EP, it will allocate 50 out of the current 400 EP. That is, 350 EP can be used for construction. If the turret is broken, then it will have 400 EP again. That is, you can manage 400 EP at the beginning. There are extra energy generators (EnergyThumper), which are also placed in the EP, but they produce more EP. Pld EnergyThumper allocates 100 EP, but produces 150EP, so after construction it will be +50 EP. If someone breaks EnergyThumper, this extra energy will disappear, but you will get 100 permanent EPs. If you build something on the surplus EP, the buildings you built with the extra energy will turn off. The second most important tool of the clan base is Telenode. Here the dead clan lives here again. The telenode will not shut down when the reactor is disassembled, so as long as it doesn't bleed completely, the clan will always spawn. A small base map:
Base Map
An example of EP use is the construction of a clan. (with timeline)
Clan-System Menu display ideas:
/ecs base - Base builder menu
Open CommandCenter
Right-click after ControlUnit, this menu opens: